Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Meal

Mom went to the Pearl Market with another family and our guide.  I stayed at the hotel with the crew.  We were hungry and decided on our first fast food in 10 days.  We went to McDonald's.

I am sure this was Marc's first Happy Meal.  He loved his nuggets, fries and Coke.

For dinner we had an amazing meal at Lei Gardens.  We watched as people ordered fresh fish from an aquarium.  The fish in the aquarium were beautiful like you would see at the Georgia Aquarium.

This was our first meal without a translator so mom and I were wondering what type of food would be brought to the table.  We were amazingly pleased it was a yummy meal and we all loved it.  

Marc is eating a lot and has great table manners for a 3 year old.  He is wonderful with chop sticks.

Tomorrow we return to the clinic to get our TB results. 

I've included some pictures of our visit to the clinic earlier this week.  Our visit lasted four hours and Marc was so good.


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