Friday, July 2, 2010

Giving Thanks!

Everyone's at home safe and sound.  We thank the Lord!

On Schedule!

I just heard from Marye in Detroit!  They are on schedule!  Family is doing great but very tired.  Marc is enjoying his first apple dippers and caramel.  I talked to Anna and she is so excited to get home as they all are.

Coming Home!

I've not spoken to Marye since the last post she provided before their travel into Hong Kong.  Currently, the family is in transit on their way home.  They departed Hong Kong last night at 9:15pm EST.  They will arrive in Detroit at 1:10pm EST. They will have a three hour lay over and their flight to Atlanta will arrive at 6:40pm. They will be arriving on Delta flight DL2293.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Guangzhou Pictures

Marye and the family are traveling to Hong Kong by train today.  She did upload these photos showing their time in Guangzhou.

Iris' Peter Pan pose.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pool Play

Today, we had a free day so we played at the pool.  We are doing well but ready to go home.  Anna told Baba she does not care if she ever stays in a hotel  again.

We found out  our hotel is listed as one of the top ten hotels China.  It may be so but there is no place like home.

Marc is doing great.  He is a sweet and funny little guy.  He has a very tender heart.  He loves to give hugs and kisses.

He likes to take all the pillows and build a nest on the bed then he gets all the toys and books and puts them in his nest.

Tomorrow is the swearing In ceremony at the US Consulate in Guangzhou.  Then we have one more day to wait on Marc's Visa then we catch then the train to Hong Kong and go HOME!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Meal

Mom went to the Pearl Market with another family and our guide.  I stayed at the hotel with the crew.  We were hungry and decided on our first fast food in 10 days.  We went to McDonald's.

I am sure this was Marc's first Happy Meal.  He loved his nuggets, fries and Coke.

For dinner we had an amazing meal at Lei Gardens.  We watched as people ordered fresh fish from an aquarium.  The fish in the aquarium were beautiful like you would see at the Georgia Aquarium.

This was our first meal without a translator so mom and I were wondering what type of food would be brought to the table.  We were amazingly pleased it was a yummy meal and we all loved it.  

Marc is eating a lot and has great table manners for a 3 year old.  He is wonderful with chop sticks.

Tomorrow we return to the clinic to get our TB results. 

I've included some pictures of our visit to the clinic earlier this week.  Our visit lasted four hours and Marc was so good.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Monk

Yesterday, the family travelled to the city of Guangzhou.  When they arrived Marye was telling the taxi driver how she enjoyed staying in the Hotel in Chengdu.  The hotel in Chengdu was a 3-star situated in a part of the city that allowed Marye to really experience everyday China.  Marye was a bit embarrassed when the taxi driver drove up to their hotel in Guangzhou when she discovered they were staying at some grand, posh 5-star thing.

I'm posting a picture of Marc when he starred in a play on June 1st, Children's Day in China.  He played a monk.  Some of you maybe wondering about Marc's unusual haircut.  When they put on a children's production they go all the way.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Buddha

Marye didn't have time to post a message today but she was able to get me some photos.  Following are pictures from their excursions to the Leshan Giant Buddha and the Chengdu Panda Breeding Center.  They also got a picture of the extremely rare Chinese clown poodle; a cryptozoologist's prize!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chinese Opera

On June 22 Our adoption was completed by the Chinese Government.  We visited with an official at the office of Civil Affairs and completed all the official documents and pictures for Marc's Chinese Passport.

Then we visited the Notary who is a very important Government Official who authenticates the Chinese Documents.  He was a little emotional as he learned that we have three Children from Chengdu.

After our busy morning we had naps and then off to Anna's favorite thing to do in Chengdu, the opera.  It is not like we imagine the opera. The Sichuan Opera is hundreds of years old. It is a very famous for something called face changing where a performer changes their face (mask ) in seconds.  The audience is shocked because it is so quick that you cannot figure out how it is done. Also, we saw singing and puppets and dance performances. Anna's favorite is a husband and wife routine something like we would see in the old Jackie Gleason shows.

Marc is doing great.  He has cried a few times for no apparent reason except he is reflecting on all a the changes in his life.  He was in a wonderful foster home at the orphanage.  His Foster mama is famous among adoptive families as she has cared for many children and loves them dearly.

Marc such a sweet a brave little boy. 

Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Our guide named Cai Mary putting Marc's handprint on an official
document at the civil affairs office.

Assistant Wang Li and our family in front of the civil affairs Office.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Marye's Words

We have Marc!!  He is adorable and very busy.  He lived in a foster family at the orphanage and was adored by his mama.  He was one of seven children.  We were able to see his home and meet his mama.

Iris and Anna were able to meet their nannies and see where they once lived.  Anna was able to see a baby with a cleft being fed by one of her nannies so she could know what it was like when she was a baby at the orphanage.  The people at the orphanage said that Anna's personality is exactly the same.

Marc cried briefly as we left his foster home.  His mama was so sad to see him go but he was well prepared.  He is enjoying Iris and Anna and he likes his new clothes and shoes.  He is very proud of his new shoes.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as this is just the beginning for Marc in the transition process.

Love Marye

Gotcha Day!

I just talked to Marye this morning and Marc is now with them!  Praise the Lord for answering your and our prayers!  Marye was able to visit with the foster mother and when they were leaving Marc cried for a few minutes and then fell asleep.  At the orphanage, everyone instantly recognized Anna.

Marye was able to send me a few pictures.  The woman in the picture is the foster mother.  The last picture speaks for itself.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pre Gotcha!

We're down to two hours prior to the time that Marye is to get Marc!  Basically, the family is doing good and better rested.  Everyone's dressed up like going to church on Easter Sunday.  If Marye is back before noon (midnight EST) she will call me and I will get to see Marc for the first time!  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - WOO HOO!

We are still having some technical difficulty on getting email.  Right now, all our communication is going through Skype which is working great.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Limited Contact

I heard from Marye this morning after they completed climbing the Great Wall and other excursions.  Our talk was brief because they were very tired and suffering jet lag.

Sunday evening they will be traveling from Beijing to Chengdu where on Monday they will get Marc.

So far Marye is unable to email to me.  Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and you will read from her words and see her photos.

Friday, June 18, 2010

In Beijing!

Just heard from Marye and they got there safe and sound.  They were going straight to bed.  It sounded like Anna and Iris were having a great time from their giggling in the background.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

En Route

This morning we embarked on our journey to get Marc! Gary and Joel remained home to hold down the fort while Iris, Anna, my Mom and myself got on a plane headed to Beijing with an 8 hour lay-over in Seattle.