Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chinese Opera

On June 22 Our adoption was completed by the Chinese Government.  We visited with an official at the office of Civil Affairs and completed all the official documents and pictures for Marc's Chinese Passport.

Then we visited the Notary who is a very important Government Official who authenticates the Chinese Documents.  He was a little emotional as he learned that we have three Children from Chengdu.

After our busy morning we had naps and then off to Anna's favorite thing to do in Chengdu, the opera.  It is not like we imagine the opera. The Sichuan Opera is hundreds of years old. It is a very famous for something called face changing where a performer changes their face (mask ) in seconds.  The audience is shocked because it is so quick that you cannot figure out how it is done. Also, we saw singing and puppets and dance performances. Anna's favorite is a husband and wife routine something like we would see in the old Jackie Gleason shows.

Marc is doing great.  He has cried a few times for no apparent reason except he is reflecting on all a the changes in his life.  He was in a wonderful foster home at the orphanage.  His Foster mama is famous among adoptive families as she has cared for many children and loves them dearly.

Marc such a sweet a brave little boy. 

Continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Our guide named Cai Mary putting Marc's handprint on an official
document at the civil affairs office.

Assistant Wang Li and our family in front of the civil affairs Office.

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  1. Welcome, Marc! Your new cousin, Aaron, says hi, too, and that he can't wait to meet you.

    Love the updates and reading about your progress.